High Speed Tensile and Dart PenetrationTesting

High speed tensile test - TPE backed polypropylene
Test speed 10m/s - 50,000 fps Total test time circa 2.5ms.

High Speed Tensile Testing

In addition to standard Charpy and Izod tests we have the capability to run high speed tensile and dart penetration test using a Zwick Rel 1852 high speed hydraulic test machine capable of test speed up to circa 12 m/s.

When coupled with high speed video recording and post processed video extensometry, the equipment is ideally suited to generation of dynamic stress strain data  to fully characterise materials for impact FEA modelling. With the liquid nitrogen cooled environmental chamber tests can be run at room temperature, elevated or sub-ambient temperatures.

When used in tensile mode the equipment also meets the requirements of automotive specifications such as the high speed deformation test of fuel tank material specified in TL669 (TL 669 calls for the use of a Zwick 1852 test machine).

Force - Energy - Deflection Plot

Dart Penetration Testing

The high speed hydraulic test machine can also be used with suitable dart penetration fixtures to test to standards such as ISO 6603-2 - "Determination of puncture impact behaviour of rigid plastics" or  ISO 7765-2 - "Plastic film and sheeting - Determination of impact resistance by free falling dart method - Instrumented puncture test". 

Both test methods define a standard test speed of 4.4 m/s equivalent to a 1m drop although our capabilities allow us to alter test speed up to 12 m/s to fully characterise the strain rate response of a material.