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​​​At ipolytech, we specialize in plastic and rubber materials. We offer consultancy, testing and analysis services for polymer material producers, processors and users across all sectors.

We have extensive testing and analysis laboratories in the UK, where our skilled consultants provide expert guidance on all aspects of polymer technology. We have a reputation for excellence in polymer failure analysis and durability assessment.

Crazes in PMMA/Acrylic Screen showing fatigue crack propagation
Crazes in PMMA/Acrylic Screen initiated by ESC and showing fatigue crack propagation

Our core business is based on a thorough knowledge of the properties and long term performance of all thermoplastic and thermoset material. By applying that knowledge over a diverse range of applications we are able to support clients in product fault and failure analysis, product development, chemical analysis and mechanical and physical testing.

Fracture surface of silicone implant

Failure Analysis

Failure of plastic and rubber products can have serious consequences through extended down time, recall costs and loss of customer good will. These costs often outweigh the cost of the components involved. ipolytech can help you identify and resolve the cause of product failures quickly and effectively. We have extensive experience in plastic and rubber failure analysis and corrective action.

Mechanical & Physical Testing

Independent Polymer Technology have a diverse range of mechanical test capabilities to assess both short term and long term material and component performance. We have significant expertise in assessment of environmental stress cracking resistance of plastics , and long term fatigue and creep resistance

Tensile Test
Coloured polymer granules powder

Chemical Analysis

Our analysis laboratory have a comprehensive range of analytical methods available to identify polymer types, determine filler and additive contents and identify contaminants present within plastic and rubbers or on the polymer surfaces. Our analysis services can assist you whether you require work as an ongoing QC measure or as part of failure analysis.

​​Expert Witness Services

ipolytech have court room experience providing expert witness services to legal, industrial and insurance companies to identify the root cause of product failures. Drawing on the techniques described in our Plastics Failure Analysis section, we have the experience and expertise to provide clear, concise technical reports based on our scientific and engineering knowledge.

Fracture surface 3D printed test bar